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The renovation of Oudenarder Strasse 29, an early 20th century apartment building in Berlin, is the first phase of Patalab’s masterplan to be completed. Located in the Wedding district, the building is a typical five-storey, horse-shoe planned, Wilhelminian block, a typology that became typical of this area when the industrialisation of the city instigated the need for denser housing. Oudenarder Strasse 29 adjoins a handful of other similar apartment buildings, two of which share a green and peaceful courtyard with number 29.

Lighter and More Generous Living Areas

Works consisted of both internal remodelling and external renovation, including the principal street-facing façade as well as the courtyard which was redesigned to provide extended green spaces with additional seating and a new playground. In order to enjoy this view, apartments have been rearranged to create lighter and more generous living areas opening on to new balconies.

Contemporary Additions Integrated with Original Building Fabric

Items such as windows, floors, kitchens, and bathrooms have all been upgraded within apartments and equally staircases and other features of common areas have been renewed. This improvement takes a holistic approach as contemporary additions are integrated with original building fabric.

A Sustainable City Quarter

The city block the no.29 forms a part of is due to be transformed into a sustainable city quarter offering high quality living, working and recreational spaces as part of our Wedding Masterplan. Other phases of this scheme include remodelling three further Wilhelminian buildings as well as the conversion of a factory in the centre of the block into offices.

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Media Factory
Midwives Mia at Oudenarder 29

Areal view
Axonometric drawing
New ground floor layout
New upper floor layout
Historic view of rear entrance
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Oudenarder 29