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Art Stand for Blue Kanye

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ProjectsArt Stand for Blue Kanye

A private client approached us to design a stand for a neon portrait made by artist Natalie Wong. The portrait is formed by white EL wire on blue flourescent acrylic and measures 700 mm by 450 mm.

Correspondence between Artwork and its Stand

Our intention has been to design a stand that directly corresponds to the artwork. The light nature of the portrait is translated into a slender easel matching the width of the artwork and displaying it in a slightly angled position. Wires, transformer and switch were discreetly integrated into the stand to not distract from the portrait.

The art stand is made from white painted MDF reinforced by stainless steel rods to enable the slender dimensions. Bespoke acrylic clamps secure the portrait's position. The art stand was manufactured by ParryPage Projects in their Faversham workshop.


Design drawing
Art Stand for Blue Kanye