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BBC Sound Pod

Mobile recording studio


ProjectsBBC Sound Pod

In response to the competition brief for a mobile and demountable recording pod for BBC Radio 4's The Listening Project, we have developed a soft studio.

Walls Made from Soft Bricks

A wall, formed by sixty soft bricks made from coated and layered PU foam,  wraps around the recording participants like a second skin and provides a protective envelope. It expands seamlessly into the curved ceiling, creating a warm interior designed to house a space for sharing thoughts and feelings.

Sound Wave Fins

Whilst the interior is conditioned to facilitate an intimate atmosphere, the external appearance of the Pod materialises the Listening Project as a memorable and distinguished object. The activities of speaking and recording find their abstracted translation on the external surface. Sound wave fins project from the conversation alcove, whereas recording grooves are cut into the producer’s alcove.

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Assembly sequence
Concept sketch
BBC Sound Pod