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Nabu Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre


ProjectsNabu Visitor Centre

The team of 'Patalab, UberRaum and Baurraum Konstanz have won the 1st prize in an invited architectural competition for the Nabu Nature Reserve Centre near Lake Constance.

Located adjacent to the reed, the new centre forms a close relationship with its natural surroundings. The central two storey high exhibition space spans across the entire building and provides framed vistas into the outside. The building also houses a cafe, an event space, offices and accommodation for researchers and visitors.

A Truely Sustainable Building

Latest sustainable technologies such as geothermal heating, photovoltaic and heat pumps have been integrated into the building. In tandem with locally sourced natural materials this ensures the building performs as an energy plus building, producing more energy over the course of a year than it consumes.

Nabu Visitor Centre