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Sensitive Geometries



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"Sensitive Geometries" unites drawings, models, photographs and machines that discuss the production of architectural space and explore its dynamic, subjective and phenomenological qualities.

Five Staircases and Four Architectural Machines

The exhibition shows two fields of work: five staircases and four architectural machines. The staircases have been designed by Patalab Architecture and were realised over the period of the last six years at various locations in London. Manchester-based photographer Jan Piotrowicz has documented these in detailed images. His photographs are interpretations, using the medium of photography to capture the staircases and recompose the space defined by them. His images create a dialogue with the models and drawings produced by the architects.

The four architectural machines, conceived and built by Uwe Schmidt-Hess, form a mechanical garden in which space becomes dynamic and transformational, where space can blossom and wither. The rational and functional character of the machines dissolves and subjective imaginative spaces emerge. These are traced in drawings and photos and are therefore once more transformed.

Soft Boundaries

The exhibition shows both fields of works in an arrangement that softens the boundaries between the two. The machines, their construction plans and images are mixed within the models, drawings and photos of the staircases. Thus, the gallery space itself becomes a projection surface for sensitive geometries that the visitors are invited to explore and experience.

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Sensitive Geometries