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Project 2020

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Our life styles are becoming more diverse and so do our expectations of our homes. As population increases, environmental challenges and an increasing pressure on land are just some factors that by 2020 and beyond will lead to the strong demand for affordable but highly flexible, adaptable and sustainable housing. We will spend 90% of our time indoors and the factors outlined above will dictate that our homes become ecosystems by themselves fostering our well being and enhancing our quality of life.

2020 Vision

Our proposal for the Taylor Wimpey house 2020 aims to respond to social, environmental and economic challenges ahead. Intelligent architectural design, the incorporation of technological advancement and the embracement of progress in manufacturing and construction techniques will offer extensive opportunities for variation of high quality sustainable house types, floor plans and plot configurations based on an effective and robust typology. The scheme provides inspirational sustainable houses and allows for adaptable and flexible homes ensuring customers can experience, create and live in personalised buildings.

Typical Floor Plan and Plot Configurations

The core premise for the design is an L-shaped building. Spatially this configuration provides variable plotting arrangements and differentiated urban conditions. Arranged as detached, semi-detached or terraced house, the L-shape footprint can respond to various requirements. On an urban scale a rich variety of configurations and a wide range of density are possible: unified terraces, staggered terraces, perimeter blocks, permeable blocks, shared green spaces, private gardens, small squares and closes. Thus, the proposed typology and its varying configurations are not only highly land efficient and independent from specific site constraints but also create high quality public, semi-public and private spaces that generate a sense of community and provide spaces for meeting, sharing and relaxation.

Plotting configurations
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Project 2020