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The long, thin, broken nature of this site presents a challenging aspect, which we have seized upon as one of the driving forces behind our proposal for this open competition.

Re-interpreted Typology

Our solution is to rotate the typically deep London terrace plan through ninety degrees – elongating the front façade and locating a courtyard garden next to every property. A large sliding gate enables the tenants to control their own outdoor courtyard; choosing to either enclose an intimate private space, or, open their courtyard up to the street and actively encourage a neighbourhood spirit.

Floating Brick Volumes

The proposed massing and spacing has been designed to minimise the impact to the residents of existing properties along Gore Road. Roofs slope away from the gardens of the existing properties, cutting back to further reduce their apparent size. The ample courtyards provide breathing room between each residence and deliver a visual link beyond our proposal.

Our proposed design is a contemporary take on the brick material palette prevalent in the area, appearing at first glance to float in mid-air.

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Victoria Park Village