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NewsPre-Purchase Architect Advice

We offer a Pre-Purchase Architect Advice Service to prospective property buyers who want to know the potential of their future investment.

Whether you are looking to modernise and extend an existing property, or demolish and rebuild, Patalab Architects can help you make an informed decision whether to pursue the purchase.

Providing information such as the development feasibility as well as ongoing development in the area, planning constraints and party wall advice, we can help you understand the context, and risks a property listing might present. We can also draw on our extensive experience in design and construction to provide you with sketch design ideas, sun path analysis or flood risk assessments.

We tailor our Pre-Purchase Architect Advice Service to your requirements and are committed to a quick delivery within 1 – 5 days depending on the depth of advice requested.

Please get in contact should you require architectural advice prior to purchasing a property. Just send an email to or give is a call on 020 7253 2036.

Client feedback

"I have used Patalab’s Pre-Purchase Advice on several occasions when looking for a new house. Their assessments have been extremely helpful and enabled me to buy with confidence the right property for me. 

Their advice included planning matters, sketch designs and initial information about construction costs - all turned around very quickly. Priced at a very fair level, this service has been worth every penny. "



"We would far rather enter into a contract to purchase with our eyes wide open and know what we should expect than fly blind. In this respect Patalab’s report and commentary has been invaluable. It has been completed at very short notice. Most people would have taken two weeks or longer to respond to my request and even then I probably wouldn’t have got such a clear and concise answers to my questions."



“My partner and I found a lovely property for sale within a wooded area in North London. We asked Patalab to advise on development potential and planning restrictions whilst visiting the property. Uwe gave us clear guidance during the site visit and suggested carrying out a detailed sun path study to better understand how much sun we would enjoy in the garden throughout the year, given that this was a key factor for us. Patalab turned this study around very quickly, since time was of an essence. Despite having our initial offer accepted, we decided against pursuing the purchase based on the invaluable findings of Patalab’s study.

We are very grateful for the professional advice we received and highly recommend the services offered by Patalab, which enabled us to make an informed decision.”


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written on: 01/11/2020
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Pre-Purchase Architect Advice
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