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Uwe talks about Patalab, our design approach and our recently completed Eclectic House

"Creativity is ingrained in individuals of the highest order to make a name for self in the humongous field of architecture. Award-winning architects are indeed a breed apart from the rest. It is the strong conviction to create something beautiful that will not only appeal to their respective clients, but also the world of appreciative audience and design lovers.

German architect Uwe Schmidt-Hess’s multiple award-winning Cascade House is one such project, which oozes what designing is all about. After his Diploma in Architecture from Bauhaus University in Germany, he pursued Master in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. His career stint as an architect saw Uwe working in leading architectural firms like Fink+Jocher in Munich, Make Architects in London and Atrium Design in Bangkok. The precious experience saw Uwe Schmidt-Hess establishing PATALAB Architecture in 2008.

Johnny D: Please tell our esteemed readers about Patalab Architecture.

Uwe Schmidt-Hess: I set up Patalab Architecture about 8 ½ years ago. In the beginning it was just me, today it’s nine of us. We are passionate about the poetic potential of architecture, designing and realizing spaces and buildings that inspire people, and are a joy to inhabit. We enjoy transforming existing buildings for new uses, in a way that respectfully juxtaposes traditional architectural styles with modern design interventions. In addition, we also design innovative, site-specific new build projects. We are especially interested in materiality and craftsmanship and pay great attention to detail.

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written on: 03/03/2017
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Interview on Designtrends
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