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NewsUniversity of East London’s architecture end of year show 2020

The fully immersive end of year show 2020 features the innovative and creative projects by Architecture + Design students of the UEL School of Architecture and the Visual Arts.

To enter UEL end of year show 2020, click here.

Part of the show is the work of MArch Unit 2, taught by Christoph Hadrys, Uwe Schmidt-Hess and Tony Fretton.

This academic year, Unit 2 design research and projects focused on deprived neighbourhoods in central Athens, Greece. Within this location the unit explored the guiding theme Urban Room.

The research area has a diverse urban history that ranges from ancient excavations, neo-classical courtyard houses and industrial buildings all the way to contemporary apartment buildings. Despite a rich local urban culture, the area fell into dereliction during the second half of the 20th century. In recent years, it has undergone substantial urban transformations with new constructions and an influx of people. In our work we researched how public spaces and buildings can be Urban Rooms that facilitate this change and invigorate the city. The unit explored ways in which sharing and living together can be part of a synergetic urban life.

We are delighted that the projects of Unit 2 students Eleftheria Lampropoulou and Lenny Lew have been nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal that is awarded annually to the best design project produced by a student as part of a RIBA Part II qualification.

written on: 09/08/2020
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University of East London’s architecture end of year show 2020
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