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NewsBritish Chamber of Commerce in Germany

The meeting of the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG) at the Grandaire in Berlin was an exceptionally interesting evening. Selected guests accepted the invitation of the BCCG Real Estate Expert Group. They came to visit the high-rise residential building at Alexanderplatz developed by Strategis AG, to listen to insightful keynote speeches and to exchange ideas over aperitifs and drinks. The event was conceived and moderated by Thomas von Muenster, Strategis AG, and Dr Jasper von Detten, Andersen.

The Grandaire is an exclusive residential high-rise at Alexanderplatz - the first new residential tower in Berlin-Mitte. With its light-coloured, natural stone facade and its floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, the exclusive ensemble pays homage to the architectural classics of the Chicago School. The Grandaire is located in Voltairestraße, in the field of tension between the historic Klosterviertel district and the famous Alexanderplatz – surrounded by city highlights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the government district, the renowned Unter den Linden boulevard and Friedrichstraße.

The BCCG Expert Group had the unique opportunity to host the event at this special location. Dr Michael Wihart of Patalab Architects heads the BCCG Expert Group together with Dr Jasper von Detten, Anaïs Cosneau and Thomas von Münster.

T. v. Münster, I. Hartmann, Dr. M. Wihart, Dr. J. v. Detten, A. Cosneau
written on: 24/01/2023
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British Chamber of Commerce in Germany
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