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NewsTalk at University of Innsbruck

Dr Michael Wihart, director at Patalab Architects' Berlin office, will be speaking at the farewell symposium for Prof. Gabriela Seifert at Innsbruck University on 23 June 2023. This symposium not only celebrates the exceptional career of Prof. Seifert but also provides a forum for speakers and panellists to discuss the unique evolution of their ideas and concepts and how they find expression in their architectural, theoretical, and artistic work.

Joining Dr. Wihart at this event will be a distinguished group of architects and scholars, including renowned figures such as Sir Peter Cook, Prof Klaus Bollinger, and Prof Michael Schumacher, Prof Dagmar Reinhardt, Architect Hugo Dworzak, Prof Götz Stöckmann, Dr Yael Reisner, Prof. Michael Hirschbichler, Prof John P Maruszcak. Their participation promises to bring insights from a broad spectrum of experiences and perspectives to the symposium.


written on: 18/06/2023
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Talk at University of Innsbruck
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